"Pallets Under The Bridge-Skanstull-STOCKHOLM-2013-03-22"

I started a cours at swedish university Konstfack, arts crafts and design.
It was called Going Public, and I attended to continue working on my
ideas of art in the public space. I wanted to create a space for artists and
anyone who would like to work bigscale in painting for example.
The process of the project were really interesting, I was in nowhereland
as usual, acting sponeneous with instinct like a kid. And the reflection came
more or less later in the end. Well... I needed lots of material, and cheap material.
Therefore I chose woddenpallets, and you can find em anywhere in the world.
In the scetch I did play with matches to create a stable form.
I wanted to build a painting-park for artists to be in outdoors,
it would be an outdoor exhibition, free 24h for anyone to come,
In the video I did a fullscale wall in the cold swedish daylight to show
how fast you could build up something really fantastic that could change peoples lifes
in just a few days. The discrimination of visuallanguage in the urban citylandscape
in sweden makes the city boring and dull, there are no place to express yourself
visually if your not a big multimilliondollar company. I wanted to create a spot of
free exprecion just as I did in my first solo-exhibition "Exxprecion Libre" @ PonySugar Art Gallery 2011.
This idea is ment to be spread in several places around the world. Art and the metod of expressing
yourself is necessary for health and culture of the city. Places like this would not be dangerous
as the police and politicians often speaks for, it would be the opossite, we need free spots with
anarchistic caracter in the urban landscape. It would be better for people expressing there anger,
hatered, sorrow or love in an environment like this, and to change ideas, and interact rather then
destroy property, or acting the anger out on other citizens in forms on violence and drugabuse etcetera.