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CONFLICTOS Y DUALIDADES: los orates de la ciudad.

Yonas Millares (IONAXX) is a grafical painter born in Chile, educated in Sweden and now working as an artist in Berlin, Germany. His style can be described as repetitive, colourful with strong contrasts, opposites, symbol language, music, poetry and subliminal messages about his own background and thoughts about the society in general. He have been involved in several political artprojects such as his candidate scandalized final work Afrodite- questionizing the modern artscene and hirarchies. He often uses material wich talks about the world he lives in full of capitalism,greed and oppression, it can be newspapers, commercial posters, pottery, cans or receipts he finds coincidental or that he had used himself. Time documents. He naturaly express these because of personal strong experiences of injustice. He belives that art can change the world in several levels, through the needs of personal expression wich is healing and if not expressed through culture can explode in violence, drog abuse, mental and physical illness,crimes etc. Ionaxx has also a background as a musican. EDUCATION Royal Academy Of fine arts 1 year Konstfack, University of arts 3 years Gerlesborg Artschool 1 year Västerås Artschool 2 years Spanish, University 1 year Web-Design and development 1 year Selfstudies in Chile 1 year Electricity Produced Service 3 years GroundSchool 9 years EXHIBITIONS 2012 ”M & M” (coming up!)(Stockholm & Lima) ”No title (coming up!)Royal academy of arts ”Thoughts of society” STEETART,Mitte, BERLIN ”Gitano Cholo” Urban Clothing, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Urbanartists exchange market, Stockholm ”Death process” Stockholm Music and Artsfestival, Stockholm ”Fetigo” Swop:Art, Stockholm ”El Lavado del Suelo” (solo-expo) Lima Peru Sexuantes Festival Lima Peru Sexuantes Bocaditos Lima Peru ”Skål-Salut-Streetstories” Lima Peru ”Rytmical Landscapes” Royal Academy of Fine Arts ”Basura”(Solo-expo)Stockholm 2011 ”Art to save Slussen” Sthlm ”Exxpreción Libre” (solo expo) Stockholm ”The monetary World” Konstfack Uni., Sthlm ”Love & Hate Drawings” Konsthall C Sthlm ”El baile de los que sobran” Konstfack Sthlm ”Now I wanna Sniff some Glue” Sthlm ”The Monetary System”, Liljevalchs, Sthlm 2010 ”Activism” Konstfack Sthlm ”Ecocalyptic Painting” Sthlm ”Nomado” Konstfack Sthlm ”The Nomad Walk” Sthlm PUBLICATIONS (upcoming!) Frontcover of A.R-magazine Mana Debate Article in antiracism magazine Mana 2 page Interview and debate article in Swedish national newspaper DN Artist Interview by P. Gälldin, Artfacts, University. Ecocalypsy, candidate essay, Konstfack La basura en general, Daniel Ramos, antropologist (Peru). OTHER Cofounder of several musical projects/bands, and been apart of the musicalindusty as musician, singer, guitarist, dj, club-owner and founder, studio recordings, songwriter, producer and radio apearance. Contact: www.yonasmillares.com facebook.com/yonasmillares Royal Academy Of Art, Atelier 22, Brunnerstrasse 1015, Berlin (TBA)