The 4th workshop started our really good.
Lots of curious people, and some new ideas came up.
We made 2 places were we could paint, one for us to demonstrate
the tecnics, and the other one for people to participate.
Mostly kids droped by to paint with there parents,
and then we made it posible for them to buy the sweater
and it was very successful.
I also sold a cuple of my own made sweaters, and made many
new contacts interested in my work.
While the workshop was ongoing, several bands were playing music,
everything from hip-hop to psycadelic rock. There was graffitti painted on
the ground with charcoal(RAF) and the sun was shining. The whole thing started around 13 oclock
and ended around 8 PM. It was a hot summerday, and new steppingstones were made.