Sunday 02th of June 3-6PM, 2013, Parque Cauhide, Lima, Peru.

This area in Yerbateros was abit dangerous they told me, so I choose to take
the "mototaxi" to the entrance with my stuff.
First I was abit unsecure about what to say about
selling the t-shirts. Its expensive to give away many many
t-shirts every workshop, so I say that " can paint, and then
you can buy it IF you want to!" Like I said in the last workshop, and they buyed it.
Here I think, or some of them, felt that "now that we have used the material
and painted so much, we have to buy it, but we dont have the money, but he said it was free.."
So abit of confucion there, and I think that it made them feel guilty...didnt like that at all.
So after that they had painted the first t-shirts and went away "..chau..gracias!...they sent the little girl
running to me giving me 1 sol.
After that I was very clear to ask them if they were intrested in buying or not. So they wouldn´t feel bad.
And then it worked so much better.
The workshop developed in the middle when I got the idea that we could paint bigger. A head for example
with the hair of stones. The kids liked it so much, they were working together, boys and girls, figuring
out how to "draw" with the material, then when they were done I asked them in what coloures they wanted to
paint it, and how. And I did it for them. As I have seen its abit dificult for younger kids to handle the spraycans.
Then we painted the other side of the sweater, and they wrote there names with nails on it. After we were done
the kids helped me collecting the stuff, they wanted to stay longer and help me with anything,
"what do we do now?...where do we place the popcorn and the nails??.. etc. It was alot of colaboration going on.
New ideas came up to paint on bigger canvaz made of newspaper, to do bigger heads or other more complex forms
, it would also be cheaper, and take more time to do, and I could then gather a bigger crowd.
What im also actually doing is developing my own ideas in my head with the help of the kids and there
creativity, a colaboration wich goes so much faster then doing it al by my self, so therefore it never gets
boring for me, im just so curious of what more I can do / we can do. So this is a very interesting adventure for me
and I am so happy that I can do this.
// Tuesday 03 of June, Chimu, Lima 10:50 Am