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About the Artists / Ambassadors

“Blue” (b. 1986, Lima) is the alter ego of Stephanie Valdivieso who belongs to one of the first all-women street art collectives
Maripussy and to HDU (Hermanas del Underground) with two other female rap artists. “Blue” participated in The Lima Municipality
Celebration for the Day of Women (2011); she often collaborates with other rappers. Her vivid lyrics highlight women’s struggle
and strength in society as in her song “Rosas para Margarita.” She is a strong presence in Lima’s hip-hop and urban art scene,
with frequent shows at festivals.

Yonas Millares is a Sweden-based artist born in Chile. He studied painting at Västerås Konstskola then began researching his
Chilean roots. This led to questioning society, regarding power, hierarchies, the monetary system and conflicts: the dualities
of life. He later attended Gerlesborgskolan in Stockholm to cultivate his graphical style using symbols and patterns, influenced
by activism and Santiago’s colorful street art. At Liljevalchs Konsthall’s 2011 spring exhibition, Millares presented the painting
The Monetary System; his first solo show at Pony Sugar was “Exxpreción Libre.” Millares uses his exhibitions as a reflection and
dialogue space to display art which mirrors the audience that he wishes to both communicate with and attract. In The Monetary World,
2011, he publicly staged a couch removed from the subway to be painted. Reuse of material once used by a wealthy corporate entity
presented the audience with a new message; the couch was adorned with sentimental, dense colors denoting strength—expressing the
Chilean-Mapuche search for identity. Wine in hand, sitting on this couch during his exhibition “Exxprecion Libre,” Millares
invited each passerby to talk with him, invalidating the notion of the shy exchange student, immigrant or law-silenced street
artist in Stockholm. He has a B.A. from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design.

About the Arrow Curator
Rossana Mercado Rojas (b. 1982, Lima) is an artist and curator. She has been developing projects with Peruvian and
European artists to investigate translation forms, (re)creating hybrid contexts generating dialogue between dissimilar
societies—stretching curatorial and artistic roles. For her M.A. thesis, she worked with urban knitting in different
socio-geographical circumstances, collaborating with art collectives Stickkontakt (Sweden) and C.H.O.L.O. (Peru). Other
projects include: Medium Rare (Sweden, 2009)—in collaboration with Foro Latino, SAL (Latinamerikagrupperna) and FIANSverige—and
the curated exhibition “Buitre: de Bulimias y Carroñas” (Lima, 2009). She is currently working on projects in Lima focusing on
literature, social science and pedagogy. Mercado holds a B.A. from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in the Arts (2008)
and is expecting a M.A. from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Curatorial Practice (Stockholm).