Someone has to act. Im not saying that this is the best way of
doing it but atleast I am doing something. Instead of just complaining
The voices of big companies telling me to see this or that, buy this
read theese books etc anoyes me. Where are the voices of the ordinary citizens,
does anybody care? I just wanted to questionize this. Is it okey if I do this?
Are you going to put me into jail because I feel like expressing myself to the
people in my hometown. Im an artist, shouldnt my work be comunicating with the
citizens, asking questions? Who are you to choose my audience, putting me into the
white cube like a rat in a cage? I guess my anarchistic cats talks about the
importance of people going against norms, Im not hurting anyone physicaly or
psycologicaly, nor myself. I just used some of the comersial posters to comunicate in an
illegal way. What if noone would break some rules? I just wanted to break
the ordinary spam of comersal. You should be thankful for anyone doing this.
The act is peaceful, not violent, and my drawings and formlanguages I hope not
disturb you more than some idiot telling you to whitening your teeths or
something simular. And who are "you"? The crowd ? The mass? Politicians?
Big companies? Hirarchistic environments? I also guess this is a way of
comunicating with "you" big brother society, telling me what to eat, buy, and how to
look, and what to do to be happy.