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Sometimes I questionize myself why I draw this way, the drawings are childish, have you drew this?
Is it drawn by a child? Well so what is childish? And why do I even talk about this? When Picasso have his paintings
, were they called childish? or the way Van gogh painted, or Cezanne? There painting style were also called "wrong" or
insaine or just diferent? I have actually really never been that interested in arthistory, maybe I will learn more
with the time. Its like I read in the autobiography of Man Ray, when he went to Paris, all the thing he could see there
the art, the artmuseums and so on, and several years went and he didnt see shit, just so focused in his own work so
he didnt have time to see so much of the other. Well well, and why do I draw like this? Well I guess I want to
"talk" directly and fast, and keep my on voice, not beeing processed by teachers telling me to change this or that,
and yes, the speed and the spontaneous ideas are important to stick around with, and to be in the moment.
If I would continue with the drawings and do them more nicer, more symetric etc, I would lose time for several ideas
new drawings. hmmm...its just not me. It have to be fast. I do other drawings that takes a long long time, these ones keeps
the balance. And what can I do as a painter nowdays?? In the years of Cesanne, the camera wasnt invented. I understand the
urge and the challenge as an artist to be able to paint the world, It makes sense! I would have done it too. As comments
about my life and the world I would be in. Its not like that nowdays, we have the camera, we have, video and other types of
media to document our lives, facebook, twitter, comersal images, the world is so overfilled with images. Therefore I am not
interesed in drawing the reality, in a classical way, Im interested in symbolical language, and to reflect the world
I´m living in. Im interested in the subconciosness of the human mind, Im interessed in the psycology of my own mind,
if I try to be open with that and let it flow out in the pen, maybe I can come close with something that other
humans see and feel too. These drawings I first did just by myself, I didnt want to show them, because of the naitivaty.
Just thoughht it was stupid, but I really enjoyed doing them, even more than other types of paintings/draawings I did.
I showed them to some friends, Andreas R Andersson for exampel, fine master artist of Valand school of arts and Rossana
Mercado, wich also have a master of fine arts, and they withh many others really liked them. Also being accepted to
Artschools like Konstfack, and Royal Academy of arts, and institutions like Liljevalchs and SAK, made my curage stronger
to belive in myself and to continue to do what I feel like doing, and not do what I thing others would like me to do
or something like that, to work more with sofisticated traditional tecnics and so on, no I wasnt interested in that,
I could have choose to be that person but I didnt. To have been accepted by many institutions and to have the privilage to
continue to do art, I also feel that I have a responsability to be true to myself, my background and who I am as a person,
to show that as a way off reflect the society. I often analyze my drawings afterwards I have done them, like dreams, or day-
dreaming. This was f working is really interessting to me. Its like when you..or atleast me, when I do music, I dont think
while doing it, it flows out as an urge to express myself, diferent types of moods that I an in, and the words I write,
are manytimes symbolical, and it can take months or years until I really can understand them. Ofcourse I also have many types of
"rules" while doing it, if I wouldnt have It wouldnt work. Like for the drawings, I number them, write dates, place, I choose
a sprecific type of paper and size, and pen, I draw the same caracter in a certain way, and the style is the same, while I
do more and more, there can be seen that there are certain subjects that Im working with, like, humor, the subconciosness,
the pain of life, and problems. I try to "top" the feeling, to laugh about them. The lonelyness, to have been left by the
one you love most, to handle ordinary life. to express anger, of the human race, of others, and yourself,and love. To draw like this
I dont belive makes me look "smart" in other peoples eyes, but for me I want to be as honest as posible to express myself,
and I do it in this really naked way of drawing. I often laugh when I look at them, I want others to laugh too, and hope
that others too can keep this kind of naitivaty in there selfes, if not I just think I would have ruttened,
I like beeing an artist becouse I feel that I can do and express feeling in an extreme level that I dont do in my ordinary
life. I want to experiment with that- And maybe in 10 years there subconciouss thoughts...dreamlike drawings will make even
more sence, to understand that time in the society that I was living in.

Thursday, 30 of May. 2013, Chimu, Lima, Peru. 13:04